2024: Hindu Puja Conducted after 31 Years

  • January 25: The ASI survey report is made public. The report concludes, with scientific evidence, that a multi-chambered Hindu temple existed at the site prior to the construction of the mosque; most of the temple pillars were reused, and they still had multiple inscriptions—in Devanagari, Kannada, and Telugu scripts—featuring various names of Shiva. In addition, several sculptures of Hindu gods were found buried in the cellars.
  • January 29Four Hindu women move the Supreme Court seeking the excavation and scientific survey of the sealed section of the Gyanvapi Masjid.
  • January 31: The Civil Court allows a Hindu petitioner to take possession of the cellar and initiate worship.
  • February 1, 12:30 AM: Shailendra Kumar Pathak performs the traditional ‘shudhikaran’ and puja in the Gyanvapi tehkhana, after nearly 31 years his maternal grandfather Somnath Vyas had performed puja in 1993 before the venue was closed to Hindus. “We broke down into tears. It was an emotional moment not only for our family but for all Sanatanis,” says Jitendra Nath Vyas, another family member of Somnath Vyas.

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