Muslim extremists in Bangladesh have been engaging in the ethnic cleansing of the Hindu minority population in the country since its founding. The government of Bangladesh has been complicit in this ethnic cleansing by failing to control the extremists and by failing to provide appropriate protection for the Hindu community.

In this article, Professor Ramesh Rao carries out an exhaustive examination of Pieter Friedrich, a fundamentalist Baptist, who has transformed into a virulent Hindudveshi. Friedrich’s various acts of Hindu hatred and connections to terrorists, dubious academics, and social justice warriors are exposed in the article. Professor Rao has referenced many well-written articles and other material to support the claims made in this article. Further, in the process of exposing Friedrich’s dubious credentials, Professor Rao has listed an assortment of anti-Hindu provocateurs that actively spread their hate on social media and other forums. This article and the embedded references are precious to anyone interested in studying or analyzing Hindudvesha. It demonstrates how groups and individuals with different ideologies have found common ground in Hindudvesha.

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