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Dharma Explorers: In Conversation with Savio Rodrigues

April 16 @ 12:00 pm - 1:00 pm EDT

Savio Rodrigues on Sanatana Dharma’s Transformative Vision for India

A riveting discussion with Savio Rodrigues, a visionary from Goa, as he explores the transformative power of Sanatana Dharma in uniting India’s diverse tapestry of faiths. Delve into Rodrigues’s journey from an international upbringing to rediscovering his Indian roots, influenced by notable figures and his own profound insights. Discover how Sanatana Dharma’s universal principles can inspire peace, unity, and a shared sense of purpose across all communities, shaping India’s path to a harmonious future.

 “Sanatana Dharma transcends religion, offering a blueprint for unity in India’s mosaic of cultures.”

In an enlightening dialogue with hosts Jai Bansal and Avatans Kumar, Savio Rodrigues, a Goan entrepreneur and journalist, shared his perspective on the role of Sanatana Dharma in shaping India’s future. Emphasizing its philosophical depth, Rodrigues articulated how Sanatana Dharma transcends conventional religious boundaries, offering a universal framework for understanding life and fostering unity among diverse communities.

His narrative journeyed from his initial detachment from Indian roots due to an upbringing abroad, to a profound reconnection with India influenced by transformative interactions, notably with Manohar Parrikar. This reconnection ignited Rodrigues’s commitment to contribute positively to India’s narrative, leading him into realms of journalism and social activism focused on national integrity and geopolitical realities.

Rodrigues discussed the multifaceted religious dynamics within India, highlighting the need for a shared respect among India’s varied religious traditions. He advocated for an inclusive approach, recognizing the unique contributions of each faith towards the collective spiritual and cultural fabric of India. Rodrigues pointed out the significance of education, dialogue, and mutual respect in bridging divides and building a cohesive society.

Addressing historical tensions, Rodrigues advocated for reconciliation and healing, emphasizing the importance of acknowledging past grievances while moving towards a more inclusive and harmonious future. He stressed the value of Sanatana Dharma’s inclusive philosophy as a guiding force for India’s spiritual renaissance, capable of inspiring peace and unity in a diverse nation.

Throughout the conversation, Rodrigues’s insights shed light on the potential of India’s spiritual heritage to foster a sense of shared identity and purpose across different communities. He envisioned a future where the principles of Sanatana Dharma play a central role in guiding India towards a more unified and prosperous society.

In essence, this dialogue highlighted Rodrigues’s belief in the transformative power of Sanatana Dharma as not just a spiritual path but as a philosophical cornerstone for nurturing national unity, respect among various faiths, and a collective pursuit of peace and progress in India.

About the panelist

Savio Rodrigues is a serial entrepreneur and angel investor with 25 years of experience. His business interests include Crisis Management, Media, AI and robotics, Cow Economics, Environmental Solutions, waste-water management, and real estate. He is also the Founder & Editor-in-Chief, GoaChronicle – a global investigative news portal that exposed the leak at the Wuhan Institute of Virology, the role of Turkey in Islamic radicalization in Bharat, sexual crimes of the clergy in Bharat and China’s proxy war in Manipur and other North-East states. He is also co-author of the book “Modi Stole My Mask” on the COVID-19 pandemic and India’s handling of the global health crisis.


It is important to point out that Savio is a practicing Christian from Goa who celebrates the revitalization of Sanatan Dharma in recent times, as this quote from one of his articles suggests:

“Sanatan Dharma is the soul of India, and it is the principles of Sanatan Dharma that will make India the peacemaker in global conflict.”

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April 16
12:00 pm - 1:00 pm EDT
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