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A Life Transformed: Jeffrey Armstrong’s Quest for Truth through Vedic Knowledge

May 19 @ 12:00 pm - 1:00 pm EDT

Life Transformed: Jeffrey Armstrong’s Quest for Truth through Vedic Knowledge


In the West, yoga has often been reduced to physical postures, stripped of its spiritual essence. My aim is to restore the depth of yoga’s philosophies, helping practitioners connect with its Vedantic origins

Jeffrey Armstrong’s spiritual journey is a narrative of profound transformation, detailed in a conversation with host Jai Bansal. Raised in a predominantly Caucasian suburb of Detroit, Michigan, Jeffrey grew up in a traditional Protestant setting that he found increasingly restrictive. As the eldest of five children, early responsibilities fostered a maturity that, coupled with a natural inquisitiveness, led him to question the deeper meanings of life. His father’s experiences as an Air Force captain stationed in Mumbai opened early windows to alternative worldviews, igniting Jeffrey’s lifelong fascination with Indian culture.

Jeffrey’s journey took a decisive turn when he chose to leave behind his conventional path to join an ashram. This shift was not merely a change of setting but a profound dedication to mastering Sanskrit and Jyotish (Vedic astrology), under the tutelage of experts. This period marked a significant transformation, making him one of the pioneering non-Indian practitioners of Jyotish in North America.

In his conversation with Jai Bansal, Jeffrey discusses his key projects aimed at bridging Eastern wisdom with Western understanding. He is deeply involved in the decolonization of the Bhagavad Gita and efforts to introduce critical Sanskrit terminology into English, to correct misunderstandings and enrich the Western perspective on Indian philosophies. He critiques the Western commercialization of yoga, emphasizing the need to reconnect with its philosophical roots and integrate its teachings more fully into everyday practice.

Jeffrey also highlights the challenges of accurately translating Sanskrit concepts into English, noting that many nuances are lost in simplification. Through his initiatives, he aims to create a richer, more precise vocabulary that captures the essence of Vedic teachings. He envisages a “Vedic Renaissance,” a movement toward acknowledging and integrating the profound wisdom of ancient Indian traditions in solving contemporary global issues.

Throughout the discussion, Jeffrey expresses a commitment to educating Western audiences about the depth of yoga and Vedic teachings, not just as physical or mental exercises but as philosophies that can guide ethical and sustainable living. His work reflects a dedication not merely to personal enlightenment but to fostering a global shift towards a more enlightened and interconnected understanding of human existence.

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